Bounty Hunter vs Zombie Apk (Unlimited Coins) v1.2.4 Armv6

The poor and defenseless humans were the first
to fall, unable to neither flee nor fight those
flesh-hungry creatures. On the other hand, the
vile zombies were no match for the powerful
swordsmen of the light, who could slice their way
up into the hordes of the dead with ease.
And finally we have our Bounty Hunter friends,
who had their flight escape plan ruined when a
smart zombie devised a handmade jetpack and
started chasing them!
Remembering he was a peacekeeper and that he
had vowed to protect the galaxy at all costs, one
of the warriors of the light – YOU – decided that
he had to do something. Setting aside your
differences, you grabbed your saber and prepared
for battle!

Required Android : 2.3 & up
Version : 1.2.4

Download link :

Mod Apk

Extract Zip
Install apk
PLay the game

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